Chad Fogland

Video Examples

Here are some of my Comedy Videos...


The Andrew Sketch

The Andrew Sketch by The Pretty Okay Ho-hum Spectacular on Ice!



The bit that made me an Andy Kaufman Award Finalist in 2007


Make Believe for Love You

The Karaoke Video Finale for The Pretty Okay Ho-hum Spectacular on Ice!



It is important to be considerate of another's belongings.


Alternate Ending to "Over The Top"

From a Live Show at UCB featuring Bennie Arthur and myself with Special Guest & Star of the original film, David Mendenhall.



The Season 3 premiere of the Hit Dramatic Series, "Denver"; the show about a rich family who owns a Spring Manufacturing Company and the city that falls under their thumb.


Dr. Riley, Esq. P.I.

The Pilot episode or a man who is a Top Doctor, the Best Lawyer AND Private Detective in town! 


The Curse of P.P. Fartingham's Gorilla Suit

This A&E documentary explores the unsolved mystery of a depression era circus, where an act of black magic caused countless lives to spin into peril and death.


Outlaw Anti-persperant and Deodorant

Outlaw brand anti-persperant and deodorant Commercial


Foldger's Christmas Commercial '87

The classic Foldger's Christmas Commercial from 1987


Flamenco Learning

Infomercial for the popular Flamenco learning video series.


Read a Book Infomercial

Paid for by your local Library 


Confirmations of the Equation One Plus One in Our Modern Times of Today and Beyond

Does one plus one equal two? Or is two merely a definition for one plus one?

As explained by the foxy actress: In 1931, Kurt Godel published On Formally Undecidable Propositions in Principia Mathematica and Related Systems I, a paper that shows his incompleteness theorems that state any branch of mathematics is incapable of proving all arithmetic truths. This completely threw out the three volume, Principia Mathematica of 1913 by Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead.

Written by Carolyn Nugent, Chad Fogland and Jenna Tague